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Welcome to Bahrain’s Imagination Chapter! We are builders and makers, and we meet at Al Raja School. Follow us here. We’ll be sharing our creations!

The following is from the letter that went home today with the 20 students who signed up first!

Dear Makers and Builders in the IMAGINATION CHAPTER,

I am so excited you will be part of the very first meetings of the only Imagination Chapter in the Gulf. And it’s meeting right here at Al Raja School in Bahrain! Our plan is to meet up, play and build, and then share. One place we will be sharing is on our new blog: http://imaginationbh.edublogs.org Please bring the signed and completed release form to our first meeting on Thursday, 1 October. This is important because we will be sharing on our blog with friends and family and with other Imagination Chapters around the world.

We meet from 1:45 to 3:45 on every other Thursday. We need time to create and build and also a little time to share and clean up, so a two-hour session is necessary.

Calendar – Please try to be here each time we meet because, as you can see, we have a limited number of meetings. Fun. Innovation. Learning. Problem solving. The first two events are the Marshmallow Challenge and the Global Cardboard Challenge. These will get us started; more later.
1 October – Marshmallow Challenge
15 October – Cardboard Challenge
29 October
12 November
26 November
10 December
7 January
21 January

Resources to Collect
CARDBOARD! We need a lot of cardboard for our 15 October meeting. We will participate in the Global Cardboard Challenge. Do a search for #cardboardchallenge on Instagram! Fun! If you get an idea, you can start early and bring your project to finish on 15 October.

More things to gather! Try to get as much of this as you can by our 29 October meeting. (Don’t buy it; we want to use found materials. Don’t worry if you can’t get it all!)
10 different colors of plastic and metal caps — and rinse them!
9 rubber bands
8 balls of string or yarn (any size)
7 empty and flattened paperboard boxes (like cereal)
6 different sticks (toothpicks, chopsticks, popsicle sticks, skewers, twigs, etc.)
5 feet of tubes (can be from paper towels, toilet paper, or poster shipping containers)
4 square feet of unwanted but clean piece of fabric (can be old clothing or bedsheet)
3 small boxes that nest inside one another (progressively larger)
2 old, unwanted CD or DVD (duds)
1 toy or something goofy the size of a coffee mug or smaller that nobody will miss if it gets repurposed into a craft project

Looking forward to a wonderful time!

Denise Krebs
Email: denise.krebs@alrajabahrain.org

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