Our First Meeting!

Our inaugural meeting of the Bahrain Imagination Chapter was today. We held a Marshmallow Challenge. We had five teams, each with 3 to 5 members. While we worked we listened to the “William Tell Overture,” usually better known as the Lone Ranger theme song.

One Team Figuring Out What to Do

There was much enthusiastic building and collaborating. We took the full suggested 18 m13.5 Inches tallinutes for the challenge. After a minute-long countdown by some of the students, time was finished and everyone had to stop.

Two structures failed to stand, so we had a 60% success rate, which is pretty typical from what I’ve read. One team managed to go higher than the height of one spaghetti noodle, for the championship! Their structure was 13.5 inches tall. (See photo of our tallest tower.) Two teams tied for second, with towers 10.5 inches tall.

We also had time left to practice with the new MakeDo tools we received from this great company and the Imagination Foundation. It was fun to cut and put together pieces of cardboard with these beautiful tools, and it was a sweet warm up to our next session’s Global Cardboard Challenge.
Makedo Tools

For families who want to prepare for our 15 October meeting, please do a search for #cardboardchallenge on Facebook or Instagram and Twitter. Watch Caine’s Arcade, about the cardboard event that started this all!

Nice! IMG_20151001_153309

More photos coming as soon as I get the photo releases returned. Thanks to all those who sent them in already!

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