12 November Meeting

Here were the objectives for our meeting:

  1. Create a logo in a challenge with a group of 3-4 randomly chosen friends.
  2. Build and play.
  3. Clean up.
  4. Share.
  5. Hear about the paper roller coaster challenge.

Six teams had five minutes to think about what would make a good logo to represent our Imagination Chapter. Then they had only five more minutes to make a rough draft of the logo. Afterwards, we voted on the one that had the most potential to be our chapter logo. Here are the six rough drafts. After the “winning” logo is finished, we’ll show and tell you which one we voted for.

After the logo challenge, we went on to continue building from last session’s Cardboard Challenge, or we chose something new.

Finally, we shared what we had made, which included a house for the KG students to play in, a dinosaur storage box, several wheeled vehicles, a large animal, and a puppet show theater. Here are some pictures:

Our next session will meet on 26 November. Students will be able to choose to continue their projects OR participate in the large group paper roller coaster challenge.

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