Happy New Year Imagination Chapter Meeting

It’s exciting to hear the students in the Imagination Chapter excited about creating and innovating. This week, after watching a short video of innovation in 2015, I asked how many wanted to be engineers or inventors when they grow up. I was really surprised to see so many hands go up. I also learned that there were 5 engineer parents from this group. (Hmmm…I should have known that earlier! If any parent would like to join us in our next meeting to share their innovative work, please let me know!)

Everyone continued work on their projects or started something new. Some continued decorating the KG cardboard playhouse, adding a track to the paper roller coaster, coloring and folding a paper flextangle toy, or creating several other building projects with cardboard.

20160112_113206 20160107_155349_001 20160107_153511 20160107_153028 20160107_151410 20160107_145956 20160107_144832 20160107_160357

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