Newspaper and Tape – What Can You Do With It?

Today we took a challenge. We had newspaper and tape and tried to make a structure that was at least 36 inches tall.

It was fun to watch the structures evolve as challenges helped us realize changes that needed to be made in the designs.  Here are some photos from our latest meeting.

Some made the Bahrain World Trade Center.

Notice the real World Trade Center inspiration in the background.

20160121_150305 20160121_152819

Some worked on a kite…

20160121_143238 20160121_143213 20160121_152636 (1) 20160121_152617


Mrs. Denise wanted to try to make a paper sphere. She had lots of good help and it was fun, but not quite round, eh?

20160121_151449 20160121_152748 20160121_161902

And a little more work on our paper roller coaster…






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