What Are We Learning?

Today, the first Imagination Chapter group is finishing. We have met since September, and we have learned a lot. Here are some of our learnings in our own words.

I learned how to build. Jood M.

I learned how to share and care also to play with the club members. Fatima F.

I learned that we can almost recycle everything!!  And I learned that we have to care and share. I had fun with my friends especially with Fatima and Lara and Jood and with Mrs. Denise. I hope that I can join with them again 🙂 . Fatima M.

I learned sharing, caring and building with friends and I learned that everything I used is very important to use and recycling things. I enjoyed being with Mrs. Denise, and I hope I keep with Mrs. Denise. LARA

I loved IMC or Imagination Chapter because I enjoyed working and playing and sharing the stuff my friends and I made, I hope I can join again at this amazing after-school activity.  Muhammad

Imagination Chapter was really cool and I hope I can join next year because I like building and playing. NATHANAEL

Imagination Chapter taught me how to create and I hope to go there another time. Ahmed and S. Mohammed

WE LOVE IMAGINATION CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )




Students received certificates for the Hour of Code and perfect attendance at Imagination Chapter.
Certificates for IMC

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