26 May 2016 Our Final Imagination Chapter of the Season

Our last Imagination Chapter was today, 26 May 2016. Our goals for each meeting are to Meet Up, Build and Play and Share. That’s just what we did today, but we also added Eat Together for our final meeting.

We came together and in the center of the room we put all the leftover materials we had been using in Imagination Chapter–cardboard, string, bottles, caps, CDs, fabric. A smorgasbord of ingredients. The challenge was, “Using only these materials, create a game or sport.” The children got busy, working for 80 minutes. (It was difficult to get them to stop!) We then had a sharing time, demonstrating the game and allowing some others to try it out. Finally, we enjoyed a time of celebration and eating snacks that each person brought to share.

Throughout the meeting, each member took a turn to write a short reflection on this blog post. (If you were one of a couple who didn’t get a turn, please send your reflection in an email, and I will add it!)

The students share something they learned or created or a problem they solvedĀ in Imagination Chapter.

Wood can’t be stuck using all types of glue! The MakeyMakey machine can be used for the computer rather than using the keyboard!
by Ayman

Here we learned many things in our Imagination chapter. We learned how to use hammers and nails and how to use MakeyMakey to make a new mouse.
by Mohammed

I was always wondering if we could create stuff with cardboard, but things don’t always work with cardboard. But thanks for me and Imagination Chapter, I figured out that we can use other materials to go with the cardboard for creating, so I really learned a lesson from Imagination Chapter. I made a toy and a car and a popcorn machine and a music thing.
Done by Angy, 4A

We learned many things that entertain people like screwing boxes and cutting them with little saws. We made the Makey Makey machine work with many things like water and bananas.
Done by Mujtaba 5A

I was always trying to invent something new to the world, so I came to the IMAGINATION CHAPTER activity to create stuff with old materials that I used in home. Here we create, invent and have fun. We learned how to use GLUE GUN that was too hot for us, nails and hammers, and the most I liked was the MAKEY MAKEY computer challenge and the marshmallow challenge, and so today is the last day I would like to thank Miss Denise for this fun activity….
Salma 4A

I learned so much in this activity I learned how to solve problems and I love this activity I don’t have much to write but I really loved this activity I WILL JOIN IT AGAIN AND AGAIN !!!!
Fatima 4B

Today is the last day on Imagination Chapter and I am so sad because it was so fun and I want to thank Ms. Denise. My favorite challenge was the Makey-Makey challenge and the marshmallow challenge.
Done by Naeema 4b

I really loved the Imagination Chapter activity because you get to meet new friends from other classes and work with them to make new things which you can have fun with. I have always dreaded this day because Imagination Chapter is the best activity I had so far. You can make new things from your imagination, that is why it is called Imagination Chapter. I would like to thank Mrs. Denise and Ms. Naomi for making this activity because it helps the students’ imaginations to flow. I encourage everyone to join the Imagination Chapter activity because it is very unique. We made a lot of challenges, like the marshmallow challenge, and the newspaper challenge, and many other challenges. I really love Imagination Chapter and I hope it goes on forever.

-Safiya 5B

More pictures here.

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