Imagination Chapter Meetings

Imagination Chapter: Where we meet up, build and play, and share.

We’ve had five Imagination Chapter meetings already this fall. Some of the challenges and activities we’ve participated in include:

  1. Recess Toy Challenge – We created a toy to play with on the playground made from string and plastic bottles.
  2. Bridge Challenge – We had to build a bridge with only a few sheets of paper and a long strip of tape. The bridge had to hold Fazal up.
  3. Cardboard Challenge – We made and shared cardboard creations.
  4. Hour of Code – We spent one meeting learning and practicing computer coding.
  5. Tangram Challenge – We solved tangram puzzles and created our own shapes.
  6. Structure Challenge – We built the tallest structure with modeling clay and toothpicks.
  7. Plus, we’ve taken lots of time to build, play and share.

Enjoy some of the pictures from our first meetings in this photo folder. Thanks!

Here are our leaders, Mrs. Denise and Mrs. Peggy, with Fazal on a paper bridge!

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